Global-HOU Meeting - Lisbon July 2008
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Global HOU Workshop 2008 July 16-18

Room 1 Room 2
July 16th

08:30 9:30 Registration Registration
9:30 10:00 Welcome to GHOU workshop Welcome to GHOU workshop
10:00 11:30 Salsa J Introduction to image processing with SalsaJ: the basics. Maria Luísa Almeida SalsaJ Leonor Cabral & Carlos Santos
11:30 12:00 Coffee Break Coffee Break
12:00 13:30 Salsa J Exploring SalsaJ: RGB color images, movies, photometry Maria Luísa Almeida SalsaJ Leonor Cabral & Carlos Santos
13:30 14:30 Lunch Lunch
14:30 15:30 SpectraJ The Life of Stars and their Spectra - an electronic pedagogical tool for secondary schools. Maria Luísa Almeida Stellarium Leonor Cabral
15:30 16:30 Stellarium How to use Stellarium and prepare an observation run Leonor Cabral Measuring the Universe Maria Luísa Almeida
16:30 17:00 Coffee Break Coffee Break
17:00 18:00 Measuring the Universe Measuring distances with cepheids Maria Luísa Almeida SpectraJ Leonor Cabral
July 17th

9:00 10:00 Build a Telescope Wish to introduce an experience of succesful Educational Program outreach: participants make their own telescope and explore the Universe with it. Yasuharu Hanaoka Build a Spectroscope Leonor Cabral
10:00 11:00 Build a Spectroscope Build your own home-made spectroscope Leonor Cabral Build a Telescope Yasuharu Hanaoka
11:00 11:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break
11:30 13:00 Hands-On Universe Activity Kit Earth to Universe low cost hands-on activities for children and common people Kothari Ramesh Discover Dark Matter Suzanne Faye & Michel Faye
13:00 14:00 Lunch Lunch
14:00 15:00 Sun4all The Sun for All project aims to introduce students to the Scientific Experimental analysis, using the Sun, and more specifically the Portuguese heliographic database as background.This Web-based project proposes an introduction to the concepts related to the Sun. It is complemented by activities to be carried out in a classroom context, exploring several silaba contents. Being transversal and interdisciplinar it constitutes an excellent tool for the teacher. Susana Pereira Software for Astronomy Education Kevin Govener
15:00 16:00 Software for Astronomy Education
Kevin Govener Sun4all Susana Pereira
16:00 16:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break
16:30 18:00 Discover Dark Matter Using SalsaJ to discover dark matter in high schools: we shall present an exercice ready to be used in a classroom. It uses Doppler effect and Kepler's law to evaluate the dark matter in a galaxy. Suzanne Faye & Michel Faye Hands-On Universe Activity Kit Kothari Ramesh
July 18th

9:00 10:15 Light Properties and the Phases of the Moon Many children do not understand the reasons for the phases of the moon. This unit endeavors to teach basic properties of light scattering and scattering off non-specular surfaces to let students build a model of moons phases, based on evidence. Jenifer Perazzo How to weigh a Galaxy Alessandra Zanazzi
10:15 10:30 Children & computers UNAWE experience with introducing young children to computers. Carolina Ödman
10:30 11:00 Coffee Break Coffee Break
11:00 11:15 How to weigh a Galaxy This activity allows high-school children to measure the mass of a spiral galaxy viewed edge-on using the same procedure employed by astronomers. Alessandra Zanazzi Children & computers Carolina Ödman
11:15 12:30 Light Properties and the Phases of the Moon Jenifer Perazzo
12:30 13:30 Lunch Lunch
13:30 15:00 The International Asteroid Search Campaign Students who participate in the IASC utilize the Internet to make orginal discoveries of Main Belt asteroids. IASC is being expanded to include searches for comets, Kuiper Belt objects, supernovae, and active galactic nuclei. Patrick Miller The Ironwood North Observatory Frnk Pino
15:00 16:30 The Ironwood North Observatory A short induction about INO - The Ironwood North Observatory. How to log on and use INO. Weather permitting live image taking from IRO or IO. Frank Pino The International Asteroid Search Campaign Patrick Miller
16:30 17:00 Coffee Break Coffee Break
17:00 17:30 How to Do a Teacher Workshop with Video Conferencing - Video Conference with Richard Lohman
17:30 18:00 Globe@night - Video Conference with Connie Walker


Global HOU Meeting 2008 July 20-23
July 20th

13:00 14:00 Registration

Hands-On Universe Around the Globe
14:00 14:10 Welcome
14:10 14:30 GHOU 2008 - Present Status Carl Pennypacker (US)
14:30 15:00 GHOU Structure and Bylaws Rosa Doran (PT)

Countries Presentations
15:00 15:20 USA HOU Carl Pennypacker (US)
15:20 15:40 China HOU Hongfeng Guo (CN)
15:40 16:00 Japan HOU Handa Toshihiro (JP)
16:00 16:30 Coffee break
16:30 16:50 Indonesia HOU Avivah Yamani (ID)
16:50 17:10 Kenya HOU Susan Murabona (KE)
17:10 17:30 Morocco HOU Hassane Darhmaoui (MA)
17:30 17:50 South Africa HOU Kevin Govender (ZA)
17:50 18:10 France HOU & EU-HOU Roger Ferlet (FR)
18:10 18:30 Italy HOU Alessandra Zanazzi (IT)
July 21st

Countries Presentations (Cont)
9:00 9:20 Thailand HOU V. C. - Wiphu Rujopakarn (TH)
9:20 9:40 Germany HOU Andreas Kratzer (DE)
9:40 10:00 Portugal HOU Rosa Doran (PT)
10:00 10:20 UK HOU Paul Roche (UK)
10:20 10:40 Spain HOU Juan Campos (ES)
10:40 11:00 Poland HOU Krzysztof Rochowicz (PL) V.C. - Lech Mankiewicz (PL)
11:00 11:15 Sweden HOU Daniel Johansson (SE)
11:15 11:45 Coffee break

Telescopes, Astronomical Databases and Internet Tools for Education
11:45 12:00 Internet Collaboration Tools Bonnie Thurber (US)
12:00 12:30 The Salsa Onsala Radio Telescope Daniel Johansson (SE)
12:30 13:00 Ironwood North Observatory Frank Pino (US)
13:00 13:30 Internet Astronomy - The Bareket Observatory Ido Bareket (IL)
13:30 15:00 Lunch
15:00 15:30 Small Observatories and their Program for Schools in Bavaria Karl Gloeggler (DE)
15:30 16:00 An Update on the LCOGT Education Plans Sarah Roberts (UK)
16:00 16:30 Development of a Galaxy HI Observation System for the 8m Radio Telescope at Misato Observatory II Naoko Sato (JP)
16:30 17:00 Education Reach-Out Programs in Astronomy (EuROPA) - The International Asteroid Search Campaign Patrick Miller (US)
17:00 17:30 Coffee break
17:30 18:00 Portal of Supernovae Krzysztof Rochowicz (PL)

18:00 18:30 GHOU Structure and Bylaws 1st discussion
July 22nd

International Year of Astronomy 2009
9:00 9:30 IYA2009 Pedro Russo (DE)
9:30 10:00 IYA2009 - Portugal João Fernandes (PT)
10:00 11:00 Universe Awareness (UNAWE) Carolina Ödman (NL)
11:00 11:30 Coffee break
11:30 12:30 Developing Astronomy Globally (IYA Cornerstone) Kevin Govender (ZA)
12:30 13:30 Galileo Teacher Training Program (IYA Cornerstone) Rosa Doran (PT)
Today I am Galileo, Tomorrow I am Darwin
13:30 15:00 Lunch
15:00 15:30 Galileo Teacher Training Program in the UK Sotira Trifourki (UK)
15:30 16:00 Sun4all João Fernandes (PT)
16:00 16:30 Galileo Works with SalsaJ Suzanne Faye & Michel Faye (FR)
16:30 17:00 IYA 2009 Cornerstone / Activities at Centro de Multimeios de Espinho António Pedrosa (PT)

Conference Dinner
July 23rd

Curriculum Development for Science Education
9:00 9:30 Effective Pedagogy, Gravitation, and Orbital Motion Steve Carpenter (US)
9:30 10:00 Curriculum Innovation - Hong Kong Developments Hongfeng Guo (CN)
10:00 10:30 Radio Curriculum by JA-HOU Keizo Nonaka (JP)
10:30 11:00 Coffee break

Astronomy Education
11:00 11:30 International GHOU Summer Academy for Gifted Students 2007 Andreas Kratzer (DE)
11:30 12:00 Cosmology and Astronomy Antensay Feleke (ET)
12:00 12:30 International Asteroid Search Campaign in China V. C. - Minchen Zhou (CN)
12:30 14:00 Lunch

14:00 15:30 Portuguese HOU School Projects in 2007/08 Several Schools (PT)
15:30 15:45 Film of Workshop Facere et Aspicere for Age 9 Yasuharu Hanaoka (JP)
15:45 16:00 GHOU Collaboration with the Portuguese Commission to Protect Children and Juveniles at Risk Armando Leandro (PT)
16:00 16:15 Closing Remarks Ana Noronha (PT)
16:15 16:45 Coffee break

16:45 17:45 GHOU Structure and Bylaws
17:45 18:15 Conference Wrap-up and Next GHOU
CN - China; DE - Germany; ES - Spain; ET - Ethiopia; FR - France; ID - Indonesia; IL - Israel; IT - Italy; JP - Japan; KN - Kenya; MA - Morocco; MZ - Mozambique; NL - The Netherlands; PL - Poland; PT - Portugal; SE - Sweden; TH - Thailand; UK - United Kingdom; US - United States of America; ZA - South Africa
V.C. - Video Conference