Global-HOU Meeting - Lisbon July 2008
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Social Events

Sintra and Óbidos visit (July 19th)

This is an all-day tour that departs from Hotel Olissippo Oriente at 9:00 AM and returns to Lisbon after dinner. The visit's fee includes everything, the transport, a light lunch, a couple of surprise treats and dinner. You are advised to use comfortable shoes, and since the return will be late, a light coat.

We'll start by visiting Sintra which is a UNESCO's World Heritage Site. Then, after a light lunch, will take a short trip to "Cabo da Roca" the westernmost point in continental Europe,

 "...where the land ends and the sea begins..."
Luís Vaz de Camões

The afternoon will be dedicated to Óbidos, a medieval town that still thrives behind its defensive walls. Besides its amazing beauty you'll have the opportunity to visit the medieval fair... We'll have dinner there before returning to Lisbon. 


Conference dinner (July 22nd)

The conference dinner will be at 20h00 in:

Adega do Cais
Cais da Viscondessa
Rua da Cintura - Santos

See the maps bellow for the location of the restaurant (blue knife & fork) and the closest subway station ("Cais do Sodré").

There will be a bus leaving from Hotel Olissippo Oriente at 19h00. If you want to get there on your own, the best way is to go to the "Cais do Sodré" subway station (last station on the Green line), and then, either walk (see detailed map bellow) or take a tram in front of the train station (any will do) and get out at the "Santos" tram stop (2nd stop after you get in).

After dinner the bus will take you back to Parque das Nações.

See larger map

See larger map